Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter sits in the interpretation booth interpreting simultaneously through a technical system.

The delegates listen to the interpretation through headphones. Simultaneous interpreters generally work in teams of two / three depending on the working conditions and time schedule.

A coordinator is engaged in multi-hall conferences.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting services are delivered with the use of different online platfoms.

For your further inquiries, please contact our coordinator.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is mostly preferred in smaller group meetings.

The interpreter stays either next to the speaker or at the rostrum or desk on the podium and interprets through his/her notes.

The speaker must allow the interpreter to interpret after a couple of sentences.

Consecutive interpreting may not be the correct type of interpretation for all meetings.

The prerequisite is to have perfect sound quality and to provide the interpreter with the speaker’s text in advance.

The speaker must always be in coordination with the interpreter allowing him/her to interpret with reasonable interruptions.

Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter delivers either whispering or consecutive interpretation for smaller groups, in settings such as bilateral meetings, business dinners, site visits, etc.

Duration of interpreting should always be agreed with the customer in advance for this type of service.

It should be noted that a second interpreter may be assigned depending on the working conditions and/or time schedule.