EDF has been offering professional interpreting services (simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting) since  meeting the interpreting needs of a wide range of customers from public and private sector to embassies and professional congress organizers. In parallel to the variety of its customers, EDF provides professional interpreting services in every field.

Experienced and professional interpreters provide interpreting services between several language combinations. EDF interpreters work in line with professional ethics and international rules and principles.

Written Translation

EDF offers translation services in various fields and in many language combinations  (English, French, German, Russian and Arabic). EDF is committed to providing high-quality translation services through full time and part time translators competent in their fields. The company’s translators are more than bilingual individuals. They are linguists having received formal education and training. EDF, having a wide range of customers, pay special attention to quality. All written documents are first evaluated by a coordinator to match with appropriate experienced translator(s). Delivery date for the written translations is set according to the length and complexity of the text and the target language. The aim is to guarantee highest quality services in the shortest deadline possible. A terminology pool is developed to ensure consistency in translation. The translated output is proofread for quality and integrity of translation.

EDF develops company-specific glossaries for large on-going translation projects in contact with the customer. Such glossaries ensure accurate and consistent use of terminology for future translation works.